Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Apple polishes its calendar support

In a move that's sure to help all of the iFolk in their iLives, Apple has announced improved calendaring support in Leopard, the new version of OS X. They've improved the client- and server-side calendaring support, including announcing support for CalDAV. At the same time, Apple has announced it is joining The Calendaring & Scheduling Consortium. They offer a sneak peek at all of this, too.

Apparently, at least one major vendor of software used at home (sorry, IBM but I don't see much of Notes on home desktops) has come to the realization that we really, really want our calendars to work together, and not just with calendars on other OS X Machines, and they're taking steps to get there.

Microsoft? When are you gonna join? I know you're working on calendar stuff; but it would be nice if you participated in the organizations with your peers, too!

CalDAV and the Consortium are great examples of how vendors can win by cooperating; we the consumers just want our stuff to work across the net without wondering what the other guy has, CalDAV is one way to do that.

To quote: "All we are saying, is give peace a chance"

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